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As you know, the whole generation depends on technical devices such as mobile, computer, PC, laptop and much more. Although these devices are developed with advanced technology, it is necessary to maintain as well. Norton is a security term which will help you to maintain your devices. Moreover, Norton manufactures the security products that protect your devices from viruses as well as cyber crimes. Besides this, Norton provides the best security software that is necessary for your system life. In addition, you can take help from Norton Phone Number.

Norton  Antivirus Support  Services

  • Detect malware, spyware, virus, and other online threats that could harm your system
  • Give Firewall protection
  • Gives network level protection
  • Provide safeguard identity and online transaction
  • Mobile app network control service
  • Complete device protection with security service
  • Provides dual support for optimal connection
  • Increase performance and much more


Firstly, if you know the process of installing and still you are having trouble to install, Otherwise, before installing Norton security Antivirus on your system, check out the system requirements for the installation. If you want quick resolution contact with Norton Customer Care Phone Number But you must have the following configuration as given below

For Windows XP

  • Microsoft Windows (32 bit) it could be either Home or Professional
  • It has 256 MB RAM
  • Minimum 300 MHz or faster processor
  • 300 MB hard disk should be available
  • Browsers: internet explorer (32-bit), Mozilla Firefox (32-bit)
  • DVD driver or CD-ROM

For windows 7 & windows vista

  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 300 MB space in hard disk
  • Browsers: internet explorer (32-bit), Mozilla Firefox (32-bit),
  • DVD driver or CD-ROM

For Windows 8

  • 1 GHz processor
  • Must have 256 MB RAM
  • 300 MB hard disk should be available
  • Browsers: internet explorer (32-bit), Mozilla Firefox (32-bit)
  • DVD driver or CD-ROM


Firstly, remove another antivirus as well as firewall programs that you have installed in your system. Follow some steps for that;

  • Click on the start window button and select control panel
  • From control panel, select the Add/Remove program
  • If you are using windows vista or 7, click on uninstall a program
  • Uninstall or Remove other installed antivirus programs from the list
  • Restart your window and then click on finish

For Windows 8 user

If you are the Windows 8 user, follow these instructions;

  • You have to press Winkey and C simultaneously for Charms bar
  • Click on settings from the Charms bar
  • Now click on Control panel
  • After that, select Programs and click on programs and features
  • Select Norton antivirus from the list and click on Uninstall/change


Norton Technical Support provides support to its users through which they can make it easier to use. So, There are two methods to install and activate Norton Antivirus

From CD:

  • The very first step is, Insert Norton Antivirus CD into your CD-Rom driver
  • Select the Norton security software and then click on next
  • Once your installation is completed, check the and then open Norton security software folder on your desktop
  • Now click twice on the Norton security Antivirus icon for the activation

From download:

  • Although, You have to find the location of downloaded file NetZero_NAV2012_EN.exe and then click twice on it and install the program


If users face problems and have a query related to Norton, they can take help from Norton Customer service phone number and solve their issues via phone service. For help, you can call on Norton Chat Support Number and discuss your problem with the technician and they will guide you to solve your problem. Therefore, You can solve your problem through the Norton chat support service as well.

  1. Norton Install Support
  2. Norton Activate
  3. Norton 360 Install
  4. Norton Security Center
  5. Moneypak Virus Removal

a) Norton Install Support : 

Norton Security Products are easy to control and install on the device. Sometimes, a customer is limited because of errors occur in installation, uninstallation and also activation of Norton Antivirus, Norton 360 PC suite or other related products. Moreover, for a problem in the free process, We give you immediate access or assistance for Norton products. In fact, A whole process to install Norton Antivirus is given below:

Norton Antivirus Installation procedure:

In order to install Norton Antivirus, first of all, you will purchase antivirus software as a package from any service provider or you can also download it from the Internet. Although, before beginning installation, do some steps in advance:

  • First of all, connect to the Internet and close all the running programs on a Computer/laptop.
  • Uninstall or remove all the other antivirus, cause a problem in installation of Norton Antivirus. Follow these easy steps to remove it from the device:
  • Select start button under windows logo at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose control panel option, go to programs option.
  • Select software which you want to remove through uninstall button.

Norton Antivirus installation is done on various devices:

Moreover, NORTON antivirus software is platform independent, you can install it any device according to your choices such as MAC, iOS, Windows, and others.

Installation steps for Mac and PC:

Basically, it is the easy way to install Norton Antivirus on your device. Remember, if you need to install another product, not recorded in the Windows. Therefore, select Enter a Product Key option and fill your PIN or Product Key over there in order to start a download. On the other hand, if you are installing Norton Antivirus for the first Time, follows these steps:

    • Go to URL from the Web.
    • Login to your Norton Account using Email address and Password as well.
    • Then, click on Login button.

If a user doesn’t have a Norton account:

    • Select create account option and enter all the important information.
    • Then, click on submit button and log in with the new account.
    • When Norton product installs on the Windows.
    • And, locate the product and check the name of the product which you want to install.
    • Now, agree on terms and conditions and click on Download button.
    • Once Download is complete, find File on your device.
    • Then, double tap on File to begin the installation.
    • After that, Enter the product key or PIN and click on Next button.
    • At the end, follows the instruction to finish Norton Antivirus installation.

Installation steps for iOS and Mobile devices:

With the help of Norton Antivirus, you can secure your iOS or mobile devices from viruses using your Norton My account option. Just follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, locate the page of Norton Mobile Security from App Store.
  • Complete download and installation process for Norton Mobile Security app under Play Store or App Store.
  • Although, to install Norton Antivirus app on an iOs device.
  • Then, Attach another device to Norton one and select category of device as iOS.

Moreover, before attaching device, make sure that there will be one install is pending. if you want free installs, you can disconnect device whose not in use under Norton one section:

    • Now, if you are using your Norton account from your Smartphone then select Setup button from the left panel.
    • Then, search page named Norton Mobile Security in Play Store or App Store under Norton.
    • After that, download it and install Norton Mobile Security App.
  • I can’t able to complete previous steps, then you can take help from Norton Antivirus Phone Number However, follow these simple instructions;
    • Enter your email address which you are using on your smartphone and click on send button.
    • Although, a mail is sent to your email address along with link; click on this click to download Norton mobile security.
    • After Software is downloaded, follows all instruction and install it.
    • With help of QR Scanner app, scan QR Code; if your iOS device has it.
    • From the Norton Mobile Security page under Play Store, download the app and install it.
    • When an installation is complete, open the Norton app.
    • Click on an accept button to agree on terms and conditions of a Licence agreement.
    • Give your email and password and press Sign in button.
    • Then, enter your name and press Ok button
    • If you are not able to analyze, open your Norton account.
    • And, confirm your iOS device which registers and also assign the name.

Take Help with Norton Antivirus and Norton 360 technique:

Our Expert 24*7 hours a day available for you to help with Norton Antivirus Install, Norton internet security, Norton 360, Norton backup and other. Moreover, they provide the help you to find and activate Product key, renew purchased product, change personal detail and also subscription management. However, if any problem occurred in installation, uninstallation, and activation of products,

b) Support For Norton Activation :

With Norton Activate support, you will need a copy of the Norton Antivirus Software and your activation PIN before you begin. Moreover, Norton Phone Number gives you suggestion to introduce product from CD-ROM.

Guidelines for Norton Activate Antivirus Support:

Firstly, with a particular ultimate objective to run Norton AntiVirus, your PC must meet the going with system necessities:

Norton Activation to work on Windows XP:

  • Microsoft Windows-XP(32-bit) Professional/Home/Tablet PC/Media Center (32-bit) for Service Pack 2 or later.
  • 256 MB RAM.
  • 300 MB accessible hard plate space.
  • 300 MHz or speedier processor.
  • CD ROM or DVD drive
  • Mozilla Firefox (32-bit) & Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (32-bit ) or higher

Norton Activation to work on Windows 7 & Windows Vista:

  • 1 GHz for Microsoft Windows 7/Windows Vista
  • 300 MB accessible hard plate space
  • 256 MB RAM.
  • CD ROM or DVD drive
  • Mozilla Firefox (32-bit) & Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher (32-bit )

Norton Activation to work on Windows 8:

  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 1 GHz for Microsoft
  • 300 MB accessible hard plate space.
  • CD ROM or DVD drive
  • Mozilla Firefox (32-bit) & Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher (32-bit )

Set up PC establishment:

  • Firstly, uproot other antivirus or firewall that you may have on your system.
  • Go to the Window start cache and then click on control panel
  • Go to Add/Remove link or Uninstall a program in Windows 7
  • From the once-over of presented projects, click some different antivirus or firewall program that you have to evacuate, and then snap Remove/Uninstall.
  • Click Remove All to insist that you have to uninstall the thing.
  • Go to Restart Windows Now option and then snap Finish.

Windows 8 users:

  • Firstly, hold the Win key and C to go to charms bar.
  • Secondly, choose the settings charm from Charms bar.
  • Tap on Control board.
  • Select programs and features clicking on programs.
  • Click on Uninstall/Change after selecting Norton antivirus in the rundown programs.

Activate and Introduce Norton Antivirus Software:

Furthermore, users can activate or introduce Norton from disc(CD) or can download the document:

From CD:

  • Place the CD in your PC’s CD-drive.
  • Put a check in the container adjacent to Norton Security Software, then click on next.
  • When the establishment finishes, then find and open Norton Security Software on the desktop.
  • Double click on Norton Antivirus.exe for an establishment.

From Download:

  • Find the download record for NetZero_NAV2012_EN.exe, then double click on it for an establishment.
  • Start the establishment clicking on Ok, then click on browse to find the new area.
  • Check and read the User License Agreement and click on Ok.
  • Tap on Agree and Install
  • For finding an establishment, the antivirus dispatches consequently.
  • Tap On Activate Now catch
  • Sort your PIN, and click on activate.

Norton Phone Number is a technical support for all Norton antivirus software products. Thus, for getting faster and quick solutions to your queries, call our Norton Technical Support Phone Number. Therefore, you can able to get the fast response from our technicians and experts for your queries regarding Norton activate, activate Norton antivirus 360 login account support.

c) Install Norton 360 and Get Technical Support : 

Norton 360 is a fine suite of security programming for PC frameworks with more extensive aegis than Norton Security. It is a total security programming program that performs diverse parts. For example, an antivirus, a customized firewall, a defensive layer against phishing and solid go down code; to cite a couple. Although, Norton 360 Support is introduced to get propelled insurance when contrasted with what is given by Norton Security.

Firstly, when you have acquired Norton 360, you may oblige help to install it for getting the coveted system security. Moreover, you can contact us for help for installing Norton 360 to get Norton Tech Support for:

  • Product key for Norton 360
  • Help to install Norton 360
  • Norton 360 complete information and installation
  • Help for re-installing Norton 360

Steps to Install Norton 360

However, you can install Norton 360 step by step which is described below:

Step 1 – Uninstall Norton 360

This step is not compulsory and is needed when the installation of Norton 360 is not getting properly by virtue of existing version of security software.

  • Firstly, click on the Start button and click on Control Panel.
  • After clicking the Control Panel, you will see different prompts depend upon the system that you are working on.
  •         Go to “Uninstall a Program” for windows vista
  •         Click on “Programs and Features” for Windows 7 & 8
  •         Now, click on “Add or Remove” for Windows XP
  • Here, a program list will appear in front of you. From that list of programs choose Norton 360 and tap on “Uninstall and Remove”
  • Click on “Norton Complete Uninstall”
  • You will get a pop-up of the waiting period. Now click “Next”. Hence, the process may take some time to complete.
  • Now, restart the system.

Note: However, Norton 360 cannot be installed, if the system is not rebooted.

Step 2 – Get the Norton Installation Product Key

  • Firstly, create an account by visiting URL and login.
  • Under the Products, tab find and click Norton 360
  • You will see a click button through which you will reach to an orange color link that contains the product key.
  • Now, note and save your product key carefully which you cannot forget.
  • Click on “Download”, to upload the latest software.

Step 3 – Go to “Norton Install” to know the process of installing Norton 360

  • Moreover, to download Norton 360 software, use the URL
  • Afterward, downloading the installation file, double click on downloaded file to begin the installation of Norton 360.
  • Check and read the User License Agreement and close it for completing installation process.
  • Now, Agree and Install Norton 360 and your PC is secure now.

Steps To Install Norton 360 Gold Edition

Step 1 – Download Norton 360 Installation File

Firstly, Visit the Norton Gold Edition download page at and tap on button “Download Now”.

Save the installation file with (.EXE) on your system and remember the location where the file is saved.

Step 2 – Norton 360 Installation

Once the download of the installation file is complete, double-click on the file to start the installation of Norton 360 Gold Edition and follow the instructions on your screen.

Step 3 – Activate Norton 360

For activation of this security software, employ Norton 360 Gold Edition activation card.

Get Norton Technical Support to Install Norton 360 Accordingly, Norton Phone Number provides support for Norton 360 installation with its product key. Therefore, users can enjoy its experience without getting stressed or thinking about the security of their systems.

d) Norton Security Center :

Norton is an antivirus software that not only secures your confidential data but also makes your browsing soft and fast. It is basically a widely used antivirus software by the computer user worldwide. It provides you guaranteed solutions to the data security, online web safety, security against malware. In addition to it, spyware is also some common tasks that Norton performs. Norton adopts complex algorithm to secure your device from any cautious-file and folder placed on your laptop, tablet, mobile or PC.

If you feel any issues while using Norton antivirus then feel free to visit our Norton security center. Our experts will take care of problems and issues related to Norton.

Basic problems that you can face with your Norton Product:-

Norton antivirus is very powerful in advance of removal of virus contaminants But still, there are so many factors that actually affect its functioning.

  1. Issues while scanning of the system.
  2. Enabling access to the internet.
  3. Software doesn’t work.
  4. Norton is not installed correctly.
  5. Troubleshooting in license renewal.
  6. Issues in configuration and compatibility.
  7. Moreover, challenging in updating the latest software.

In addition to it, you can also face many more issues that you find typical to resolve so, learn about the Norton security program. It will secure your device and its data from the spyware, malware, lost of data, system crashes and other harmful viruses that badly affects the performance of your system. Moreover, if you don’t have any idea about how to resolve the above-mentioned issues then don’t go place to place just contact our Norton Antivirus call center. This is the place, where you will get the full information with brief detail about Norton, its issues and ways to resolve issues.

Norton security Center provides support for:

  • Norton antivirus
  • Norton 360
  • In addition to it, Norton premium security

Why choose Services of our Norton Security Center?

We will provide you instant support for your all issues related to Norton products. Our full day support service will satisfy you as well as provide you the step by step guidelines for resolving issues. In general, we offer-

  1. Free of cost diagnosis of the problem.
  2. Guidance from well-certified and well-qualified technicians.
  3. Full support for Norton products or issues related to it.
  4. In case, not satisfied by the help then full refund within one month of service delivery.
  5. Resolution of problems via remote access.
  6. Support via live chat.
  7. Help by leaving the message in the query box and getting its instant reply.

So, if you face any unexpected or sudden error in your Norton product then no need to get worried. Just dial our Norton Antivirus Phone Number Security Center and get the support and help.

Moneypak Virus Removal

Norton Moneypak Virus Removal Technical Support

The computer malware program is also known as Moneypak virus which locks windows operating system. And demand a ransom by the owner to access the computer. When it stuck to your system, the screen shows a false FBI warning. Basically, It is about the use of the computer to stop viewing child pornography or to stop illegal copyrighted files.

Norton gives you the permission to deal with that malware by the use of Norton power eraser. If you are having difficulties to use this tool or don’t know the process to how to manage this Moneypak virus. Then, as soon as, contact with our Norton Phone Number

Online Help For Norton Moneypak Virus Removal

The technicians that are working with us keep detailed knowledge of the functioning of Norton Antivirus Software. There are some following crucial features of Moneypak virus which must be known by the users are:

  • Money Demands

This threat is also known as the ransomware which pretends to be coming from FBI and alerts and warns you by keep asking users to send money to thread’s creator to unlock their computers. This threat gives the instructions to send money by the Moneypak or Ukash depends upon the region of operation. These threats force you to pay to make you think that the system access is no longer available.

  • No Threat to Personal Files

According to some of the technicians, it doesn’t harm owner personal data rather than it shows their PC’s unusable.

  • Haven’t relation with FBI

Moneypak FBI virus gives you the information to enter the serial number of the Moneypak to pay Federal Bureau of investigation and earn the lost access again. Our staff will make you sure that the malware program is not associated with Federal Bureau of Investigation and to pay the demanded fine will not restore your computer access.

Technical Support While Removing Norton Moneypak Virus

While using the Norton Moneypak virus Removal, you may need for technical assistance. You can try to restart your computer in ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and then you can use the Norton power eraser program.

If you still not able to get rid of malware, then don’t take any risk for your Computer by delaying more. Take help from our experts and well-qualified technicians. They will give their 100% to restore your PC back to working conditions.

Reasons to Choose Our Moneypak Virus Removal Norton Tech Support

Norton Customer Support provider, work separately to provide technical support to antivirus customers. You can directly connect with us by just dialing our toll-free Norton Chat Support number. Apart from these excellent support services we also offer guarantees to our customers which are as follows:

  • Here, we don’t charge cash for diagnosing the issue with your Norton Antivirus.
  • Moreover, we have a record of 99% determination rate, and we guarantee to offer you the same.
  • In addition to it, we have confidence in consumer loyalty and thus ensure the full discount in the event of disappointment.
  • We give round-the-clock specialized support. Our staff is open at any hour of the day or night.
  • We can resolve your issues in a split second, as we work through online remote get to.

Nowhere else you can find such high-quality Norton Antivirus Technical Support services. So, pick your phone and connect with our toll-free Norton Phone Number and its services.